Digi Trading

Digi-mining is a one of its kind solution for the mining sector. Digi-mining allows the end user to perform data collection and maintain record of daily sales on a cloud based tool without the need of constant internet. DIgi-mining features a smart-sync feature that ensures that all your data is automatically synced up when the internet is available.

With a handheld POS device, we ensure that you get an integrated solution for entering data, printing receipts and maintaining the reports using an easy to use android applications. The POS comes fitted with a thermal printer with almost zero maintenance. Some of the unique features of the POS include:

  • Minimum 24 hours backup
  • 5.5 inch touch screen display
  • Inbuilt camera device to enable QR scanning
  • Inbuilt integrated printer
  • Light weight and sturdy build quality
Carting Agent Management

Features of Digi-Trading

  • Automatic data synchronization with Crushing and Mining software
  • QR based data tally
  • Exhaustive reports to ease your day to day work
  • Full-fledged data entry, bill generation & accounting in single software
  • GST specified Trip-wise bill generation
  • Blazing fast software to speed up your tasks
  • Direct linking with the accounting software

What is Direct Trading?

Direct trade is a form of sourcing  practiced by certain coffee roasters and chocolate makers who build direct relationships with the farmers and processors who sell them coffee or cocoa beans.[1] There is no single set of direct trade standards, and specific trade practices vary as a reflection of business and ethical priorities of the roaster or maker.[2] Generally speaking, however, direct trade practitioners view their model as one of mutually-beneficial and transparent trade relationships.

Hitachi loader by Satguru Enterprise

Automated Purchase In & Sale Out entries

You split your both entries of sale and purchase from direct trading.In direct trading you can make both sale out and purchase in entries.The reason to do this is trader will always sale his material on the spot.so we need to maintain both sale and purchase simultaneously.

Detailed expense management

Using contractors can provide a number of advantages to mine owners. They offer economies of scale and scope through access to capital equipment and human resources both in mining and in technical areas such as mine management, plant operations, mine planning, and materials handling.

Reports by Satguru Enteprise

Works when offline

With Digi-Crushing, we provide the reports that make your daily life and monthly tracking extremely simple. We provide an exhaustive list of reports with the export to excel functionality for every report. We take care of all the below reports:

  • Purchase Summary Report
  • Sale Summary Report
  • Carting Agent Summary Report
  • Sale Report
  • Daily reports

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