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Digi – Mining

Digi-mining is a one of its kind solution for the mining sector. Digi-mining allows the end user to perform data collection and maintain record of daily sales on a cloud based tool without the need of constant internet. DIgi-mining features a smart-sync feature that ensures that all your data is automatically synced up when the internet is available.

With a handheld POS device, we ensure that you get an integrated solution for entering data, printing receipts and maintaining the reports using an easy to use android applications. The POS comes fitted with a thermal printer with almost zero maintenance. Some of the unique features of the POS include:

  • Minimum 24 hours backup
  • 5.5 inch touch screen display
  • Inbuilt camera device to enable QR scanning
  • Inbuilt integrated printer
  • Light weight and sturdy build quality
Satguru Android POS

Features of Digi-Mining

  • Sale In-Out
  • Carting agent management
  • Mining expense management
  • Boring management
  • Machine Management
  • Ledger based accounting
  • Auto-outstanding calculation
  • Bank Account management
  • QR based sales tracking
  • GSTR JSON auto generation

Easy tracking of your sales

With Digi-Mining, we bring about a revolution in the mining industry. The sector that has been lacking the power of digitisation will now finally be digitised. Our functional experts have researched and developed a revolutionary sales tracking system that helps you easily keep track of your daily sales and expense behind the same. With the mobilised receipt printing solution, there is no need to worry about manually tallying data anymore.

Expense Management - Satguru Enterprise

Manage all your expenses in one place

With Digi-Mining, keep a pin-point tracking of all your expenses in one place. With an easy-to-use interface, Digi-mining makes it possible manage below range of expenses:

  • Boring rate management
  • Carting rate management
  • Commission agent management
  • Labor management

This is not all; it also ensures easy accounting by automatically arranging these expenses in the relevant accounting groups and calculating the final revenue.

Hitachi loader by Satguru Enterprise

Machine expense management

Managing machine expense would no more be a difficult job for the miners! With Digi-Mining, we provide a receipt based tracking system that helps the loader operator to keep track of the vehicles that are being loaded. It also empowers the mine owners to keep track of the daily loading expenses by directly checking the sales summary. Thus, the mine owners will finally save the trouble of paying more due to miscalculations.

Hitachi loader by Satguru Enterprise
GST billing by Satguru Enteprise

Automated & Manual Bill Generation

With Digi-Mining, generate the bills automatically from your daily sales. Manage the carting rates, loader rates and blasting rates – all at one place. Digi-Mining is absolutely GST compliant and allows you to generate bills with GST for your firm as well as RCM bills for the carting if needed. You can also easily generate manual bills for third parties to ensure RCM is taken care of.

Offline data sync - Satguru Enteprise

Offline entries & Auto-data sync

The biggest trouble of the mining industry is finally put to rest with Digi-Mining. Digi-Mining with its hi-tech android POS provides you with an easy to use tool that works even without internet. Digi-Mining empowers your operators to generate receipts and setup a system where you have a complete track of your sales. The data automatically synchronises with the secure cloud database in no time as soon as the device connects with the internet.

Offline data sync - Satguru Enteprise
Reports by Satguru Enteprise

Reports like never before

With Digi-Mining, we provide reports like never before. The reports provide you a detailed insight about your daily sales and expenses. They also make your accounting easier by providing automatically generated GST reports, IT reports like P&L statements, Ledger wise reports and Balance sheets. The report generation is powered by a highly advanced database to ensure a faster response time and provide easy export functionality.

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