Business success is about doing the things right!

We are here to ensure that they are done right! With the right tools and elaborate business experience, we help you in analysing a business domain like never before. Our team consists of functional as well as technical experts who can help you ease your business management rightly

Our expertise

Satguru Enterprise is a brain child of a business family from the conventional business domains like the Transport, Trading and Manufacturing industries. At Satguru Enterprise, we nurture brilliant talent to provide the services which the industry currently lacks or the services which might be unaffordable for the SMEs presently.

Our consulting expertise is primarily available in the below industry domains today

  • Transportation
  • Logistics
  • Accounting Businesses
  • Mining Industry
  • Stone Crushing Industry
  • Textile Industry
  • Gold trading market
  • General Trading market

Services we offer

Every business today is being digitised to a smaller or larger extent. Not every business has the necessary infrastructure and staff to lead the businesses towards digitisation. This is where we come in. We help the businesses in bringing the broader dream of Digital India into reality. At Satguru Enterprise, we make it our goal to analyse business to its depth and help them achieve the maximum output from digitisation of process.

Our services are briefly explained below.

Business Process Consulting

This service deals with analysis of your business processes and optimising them. Our experts survey your current business process, note the possible bottlenecks, loss making units, stalling processes and try to suggest the appropriate solutions to speed up your businesses. Additionally, we also work with our Technology partner to map the business processes into possible technology solutions. These technology solutions will help you in redefining your business processes for good and help you reduce uncertainty in your business.

Business Technology Consulting

Wish to upgrade your systems? Wish to leverage technology for faster business operations? Not sure what do you & where to go? Satguru Enterprise is here for your help! At Satguru enterprise, we constantly update ourselves with the latest technology software and hardware in the market and provide you the best solution feasible for your business need. Additionally, we also provide consulting in helping you choose the technology setup for your business and ensure that you pay the right amount to the right person.

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